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cage decay
radio penetration
syncromesh   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by ben on 31-Jul-2001
This is Kevin Potts' second 'official' full-length release as Cage Decay, recently unleashed by Seattle's young Syncromesh CD-R label. Radio Penetration represents his more straightforward, club oriented techno tastes, as opposed to the fairly experimental, abstract electronics of his stellar side project, Weakener (now known as Kaltesglas).

On the surface a lot of these tracks sound like pretty conventional techno, but luckily they have far more to offer than this initial impression might lead you to believe. The songs are all really well structured and executed, with a heavy tinge verging on EBM that gives each piece's delivery a good thud. "Wasp," the upbeat first single from the disc, has a really groovy bass line closely fused with tight percussion, creating an infectious foot-tapper that, like most of the songs on Radio Penetration, is governed by the smooth, agile percussion and slick programming. The title track has an eerie, disquieting matter-of-factness to it that flavors the driving beats with ominous undertones.

"Needlessly Sadistic," near the end of the disc, has a strong drum n' bass quality to it, quick and rapid beat loops meshing with the recurring vocal sample and cold, windy programming. Some of the slower tracks, such as "Sitting in Silence" and the finalé, "Umbilical Phone Cord," strip back the layers to reveal more of the mood and atmosphere behind the programming, which contributes to a more diverse sound overall.

Potts is a master of his craft, and this label debut is certainly a high quality release. Anyone who shies away from CD-R releases' due to their potential for poor quality should definitely reconsider with this disc.

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