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red reflection
amid the ruins
frozen empire media   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 8-Aug-2001
red reflection’s “amid the ruins” is quite an unusual release for frozen empire media. for those of you that got used to the crunchiness and rhythmic output of the label, the release might come as quite a surprise; a pleasant surprise, I might add.

red reflection manages to deliver something I was looking for the longest time – a combination of technoid, mechanized sound and beautiful instrumentals. the way they mix together is what makes this album so unique. it is never overbearing, in the way neo-classical tends to be. the composition always feels very natural, so elegant and clean. melodies might remind you of some of the better modern soundtracks, the genre I turn to looking for the inspiration for this kind of music.

the melodies are always dark and epic, but remain simple and mix well with technoid percussion and little noises that accentuate the splendor of strings. I suppose one can call this an atmospheric release.

I cannot escape comparing it with neo classical, the style I have always had a difficult relationship with. I still do not know how to treat neoclassical, lost in between its references to classical and modern music. this release takes the best out of classical genre, and cleans it up, simplifies it and mixes it into the atmosphere that is so familiar and dear to me.

overall I would probably recommend it to anyone that has been looking for a combination of melody and modern rhythm, a darker, edgier representation of this concept.

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