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europe on horseback
bip-hop   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by jc smith on 19-Aug-2001
Tennis is listed as "Benge vs. si-cut.db." Through a combination of choppy, cut, paste and echo dynamics, sounding at times like smoothed out glitchtronics, the duo mutilate the sounds into stuttering rhythms, dubscape perversions drawn from the circuitry byways and corrosive electronic mis-connections. The hiccuping glitch intro to "Civic Halo" is swiftly molded into a slashing dub rhythm born of machines rather than ganja. Ricochet percussion rationed out in inconsistent intervals and rusted bass textures rain from the synth clouds of "Weakness Together," growing quite distorted and frazzled at times. The bubbling electronic percussion of "Port Helix" is steered by a slithery bassline into sonic territory somewhat reminiscent of what Scorn would utilize. The only difference is a more overtly reggae undercurrent (beneath the electronic percussion), the bassline not distancing itself from the thematic source. Europe On Horseback is another intriguing example of how the electronically dominated post rock machinery is molded into songs (as opposed to an exhibition of quirky sounds), a fusion that foresees an electronically vital future in sound manipulation with purpose! Which is the key impetus behind the existence of the Bip-Hop label in the first place.

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