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frontline assembly
everything must perish
metropolis   2001
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mindphaser - fla, delerium and others

album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 26-Aug-2001

I certainly do understand one's need to provide for safe retirement. I am sure that good-selling material will definitely make this dream more attainable. it is both good and bad when someone with talent decides to take this route. on one hand, "selling out" (that's right, in the sense that rmi whores attribute to this word) is obviously immoral, totally uncool and generally disreputable. on the other hand, when someone sells out, it often means that indeed their music is recognized for some objective, universal qualities that appeal to wider audience. and after all, itis not all that bad when the person selling out possesses some undisputable talent.

all these feelings did not enter my head for some time, while I was listening to this new single. nor did any comparisons find their way in there until much later. at first I was simply glad to hear well-produced, well-composed, clean and melodic material. appropriately dark, appropriately catchy, appropriately interesting.

the single contains three tracks. two of which are polished (did someone say "overproduced"???), dark, almost groovy compositions that could probably fit lighter side of "implode". they feature cleaned-up, slightly treated melancholic vocals, and do indeed carry a more universal feel. the last track ("providence") falls somewhere in between uber-trancy "heaven's earth" and melodic universalism of "poem".

but let's start from the beginning. both versions of title track are fluid, dark compositions with heavy breakbeats and familiar basslines. I like its density and nice flow. it is definitely more acceptable with lighter strings, tender, clean vocals and choruses, but overall it is an extremely melodic and beautiful track with strong appeal.

I guess the word "aggression" is what should be dropped whenever one describes new frontline assembly. "dark", "dense", "energetic" are still appropriate here.

closing track is incredibly catchy with female vocals taking us over to the realm where delerium reigns ever since "karma." it is not as openly club-oriented as "heaven's earth," but too simple and dancy to be suited for "poem." all in all, quite irresistible track, that could probably be featured on "innocente."

I can see where purists and those religiously addicted to earlier frontline assembly would continue the crusade for industrial purity, but personally, if I ever needed something as impressive as "tactical neural implant," I would simply grab that album, since it simply topped the genre and nowadays the band was forced to look for something else. I am still curious to hear new album; you never know what surprises it might hold.

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