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ant-zen   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 26-Aug-2001
for those of you that were fortunate enough to visit converter/asche/morgenstern shows, this cd was a logical continuation of the live set. as for the rest of us, we can only imagine how impressive the show have been.

on this cd three bands present their interpretations of abrasive electronic music. this cd has everything – from menacing mechanized ambience (those tracks were the ones I particularly enjoyed on this cd – well-produced, clean, rich-sounding), bulldozing power electronics, to bouncy technoid percussion, crunchy rhythm&noise. if it was just a single band I would be taken aback by the variety of the styles presented, but since it is a collaboration, it fits perfectly. I still did not really care about the overly formulaic bouncy percussion of tracks like “in hell” or “monster.” it just happened that I heard way too many similar tracks as of late.

I must say, however, that “erosion” is my absolute favorite here. it stands out with its incredibly aggressive drive, slowly building up to a complete frenzy. it is a lot closer to technoid exercises of, say, “death time” by converter or even bands like implant or voltaic. but addition of vocals and heavier sound still will remind you of converter.

yet another memorable tracks is opening “gray formicular” it is absolutely beautiful composition that slowly creeps in, with melancholic distant strings and wealth of mechanized sounds, sparse beats and deep basslines. creepy and dense at first, it slowly develops a steady percussion, screeching violent frequencies. it sounds very clean and well-produced, that definitely allows it to become an outstanding track.

al in all, I would definitely recommend this cd to anyone interested in the genre. even though it might be a little all over the place, and sometimes sound all too familiar, but it presents an interesting perspective, putting together quite a few styles from renowned masters of the genre.

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