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proyecto mirage
two tons of rubble
hands   2001
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"proyecto mirage"
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 26-Aug-2001
quite frankly, I was surprised by how good this cd was. I remember previous release having its own style, and yet lacking something – be it certain groove, or fully realized distinct sound. on this album it finally all came together.

here we are dealing with rhythm&noise with a peculiar melodic, even funky, aspect. the band uses a lot of really cool noises – electronica sounds, weird frequencies, keys. all those elements are put together by the means of very interesting composition that does not necessarily strive for the rhythmic onslaught, but rather goes for atmosphere and establishing a distinct feel. this very feel is what sets this album apart. at some point it even reminded me of peculiar acoustic sound of zone51 artists.

my favorites on this album are slower, funkier tracks. take "naima" for instance - it has melody, and i guess this peculiar semblance of melody, the high-strung wire humming, tweaked and strangely melodic, overlaid with crunchy yet well mixed-in percussion and *big* basslines is what makes it so incredibly unique and appealing. this tweaked electro, almost low-fi sounding, groovy and strangely melodic is the main selling point for me.

for those of you into faster, heavier things, you would not be disappointed by tracks like “ich werde…”. its explosive, high-bpm drive is still spiced with an interesting, already familiar melodic touch.

interestingly enough, a few weeks ago I was picking tracks to play at the club, and ended up with five or six perfect tracks off this album, while usually I would pick only one or two.

of course a few tracks do not escape, or rather barely escape (if you reference them back to the first album, you see the traces of the older style) the clichés of the genre. but still, even in the high-bpm crunchy haywire percussion they have traces of their own style. this is one of my favorite releases in the genre as of late, and I can only recommend it to anyone.

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