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kate mosh
killerpimp   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 26-Aug-2001

kate mosh is yet another project of panacea. this time around it is a noisy gabber side of this renowned drum&bass project. I am glad to see the aggressive noisy side come back after downright insulting "german engineering."

"dynamo" fully matches its name providing the listener with high-bpm barbaric gabber spiced up with plenty of small noises, cool strings, unexpected breaks with impressive atmospheric textures and pummeling bass-saturated percussion.

what I like about this album is how "focused" it is, staying within the genre, and at the same time providing enough variation to satisfy more refined listener.

the force, the drive of this album is simply astonishing. I could only compare it with venetian snares+speedranch. the latter is a lot goofier, of course. this very lack of goofiness on "dynamo", absence of ghetto funk is what I appreciate the most in "dynamo" (knowing how efficiently panacea was able to screw up his tracks with that before).

at times the tracks keep close to mainstream gabber (if the term "mainstream" could be applied to this genre). sometimes kate mosh strays into more dramatic mix of drum&bass, dark synthlines and pounding percussion, sometimes it breaksout into crunch rhythm&noise. no matter what the combination is, the album always stays fresh and absolutely devastating. its force and brutality could easily rival anything on hands or ant-zen (well, we'll wait until "doll, doll, doll" by mr. snares comes out on hymen...); same goes for production quality (I was most impressed, knowing how bad the bands in this genre might sound).

if you are looking for heavy, aggressive, abrasive sounds with elements of gabber, drum&bass, noise, this would be the choice number one without any doubt.

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