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integral components
component   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 6-Sep-2001
this compilation confirms component's move into the arena positioned somewhere in between the worlds of idm, broken beats and technoid sounds. so far the efforts have been most impressive, and following the footsteps of the established labels like hymen and unit, component bridges the spaces between those styles.

this compilation showcases some of the finest artists in the genre, focusing on the heavier, colder side of electronica, and yet keeping true to the melodic nature of genre. I suppose most of the material can be loosely described as “non-glitch idm,” with as many interpretations of this style as there are artists on this cd.

most of the tracks on the cd are worth noting, some of the biggest names include dryft’s unexpectedly (well, if you have not heard their remix of latest somatic responses on component) mellow and strangely groovy, idm-sounding composition. proem, as expected, was most impressive with “blue northern.” both ml and neutral seem to be popping up on compilations left and right, and as usual, they do not disappoint. ml’s track is less funky as usual, dense and melodic, while neutral delivers one of the best tunes here with irritating beginning that turns into a beautiful melody that, as usual, defies any genre definitions and is incredibly captivating. continuing with the “big names,” lusine icl with “spacecake” presents a mix of quirky melodic techno with atonal acoustic noises in their latest fashion – melodic, flowing, energetic.

I was glad to see the comeback of neutronic (especially considering the fact that their album would be released soon by component). ever since I heard their material on pendragon a few years ago, I was curious what they were up to. apparently, they have not avoided the idm bandwagon, but maintained the funkiness and density that set them apart years ago.

somatics continues the trend set on “accidental happiness” with complex, broken, sometimes even fuzzy track that still carries undeniably somatics influence, making a perfect listening composition.

other impresive tracks include bouncy melodic idm with d&b influences by codec, more traditional quality idm of syndrone, spacey melodic electro of xyn.

all in all, this is not a compilation to miss, featuring a lot of renowned artists as well as some of the names to look out for in the future. same goes for the component as a label that is quickly gaining momentum.

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