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eat this   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 7-Sep-2001
this compilation is the first cd-only release on eat this records. it is not available to public, and is intended to be promo-only. we have been lucky enough to obtain a copy for "seven." the idea behind this cd is quite intriguing 11 musicians were asked to elaborate on the idea of lullaby. this might not seem like much, until you remember that the label is renowned eat this records and the lineup includes the likes of gimmik, l'usine, legowelt, endorphins among others.

overall, as expected, the whole sampler has a dreamy, laid-back atmosphere. each track deserves mentioning here, so I would briefly stop on the most memorable ones, but even the ones left are by all means worth checking out.

my most favorite track on the compilation is composed by arnoud. it has incredibly catchy melody and very simple, laid-back atmosphere. it is playful and melancholic at the same time. somewhat similar is a track by sumimasin, continuing this dreamy, melancholic theme. it is quiet, filled with little melodic keys and delicate rhythmic textures. opening track by gimmik has a lush, very melodic feel, very similar to their latest efforts. it is more ambient, not going after percussion wizardry.

endorphins deserve mentioning for the peculiar dark atmosphere created on their track. deep ambient sweeps, basslines, dense ambient waves create a nice contrast with percussion textures, resulting in dark, almost eerie feel. a track by l'usine is similar to their latest efforts, playing with fluid percussion textures, lots of little acoustic noises. it is fuzzy, warm track, that might be a little too bouncy for lullaby at times, but overall has a pleasant ambient feel.

a track by subcode reminded me dub material, but executed with more emphasis on atmospheric side of things, nicely contrasted by heavy sparse percussion drops. a track by legowelt comes from the realm of analog perfection mixed with warm ambience; random vocal samples, fluttering light keys it is simple and elegant, very light and yet melancholic.

as a showcase of eat this records talent, this is a perfect sampler, I am sure you can get most of the tracks, if you trace eat this releases, and if you are lucky enough to encounter this disk, do not hesitate and get it immediately.

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