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lusine icl
coalition 2000
u-cover   2001
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"a pseudo steady state"
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 11-Sep-2001

as the time passes, the boundaries between two jeff mcilwain's projects (l'usine and lusine icl) start to fade. this is even more obvious, considering recent "surface" ep on isophlux that lends one of its tracks to this album ("deadend"). as opposed to initially traditional idm flavor of early l'usine, lusine icl toyed with more diverse styles - from minimal melodic techno, to deep ambient soundscapes. in this respect "pseudo steady state" was such a revelation, a milestone release for many (an impact which, considering the cd's limited nature, is quite impressive).

with "coalition 2000" (available both as a cd and vinyl release through u-cover stays within the boundaries of strictly limited releases, uniquely packaged, featuring excellent artwork. as far as I can tell, the material on the cd is supposed to be a live cd release, and together with new tracks, contains three old ones, featured on "pseudo steady state" - "sem 3," "lazydayz," and "feedme" (as well as aforementioned track off "surface"). it seems like each of those tracks were altered in some way, which, I suppose, should be attributed to the live nature of the album.

overall this album is a continuation of themes brought up on "pseudo steady state" - at times it is playing with long stretches of minimal atmospheric textures, little acoustic bleeps and noises that later develop a fluid melody with familiar organic textures and light, melodic atmosphere. the whole albums seems to be one well-composed track, and even the old tracks are altered to the point where they blend seamlessly in this wonderful acoustic electronica mix. this release is certainly a complement to "pseudo steady state" (or is it the other way around?), and should be strongly recommended to anyone that appreciated the latter.

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