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zealectronic purple
zealectronic   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 16-Sep-2001

finnish esa ruoho, also known as lackluster has been around for a while, and received quite a lot of attention lately with his releases and compilation appearances both as lackluster and esa ruoho.

if you previously heard lackluster, these two tracks would not be surprising, similar to his other releases, they bear dates as part of their titles and music-wise occupy the vast territory between warm ambient and gentle rhythmic patterns. "27/11/99 (tweeble)" presents softer side of this vinyl starting with beautiful strings and small sounds, slowly developing simple percussion textures, gently advancing in a dreamy, relaxed fashion, pausing, slowing down, reluctantly picking up speed again. deep basslines and strings add a nice edge to the whole track. "19/10/00 (beeble)" is slightly tougher, with affirming percussion layers that go beyond simple percussion structure of previous track. they are a lot closer to digital fuzziness of traditional idm, and not nearly as mysterious and charming as previous track, but at the same time the music maintains soft atmospheric flow, sparkling with unexpected key sequences and strange acoustic-sounding noises.

lackluster has always been a favorite of mine as far as this style of electronica goes. together with lusine and some other artists he manages to combine so many elements in a seamless way, blending it and truly *composing* it, as opposed to *constructing* music in the traditional idm sense.

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