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dream into dust
salvation’s corridor/crystal mirrors 7”
world serpent   2001
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dream into dust

album rating: 2

submitted by ben on 26-Sep-2001
Dream into Dust has evolved a great deal since I was first introduced to the project back in ‘97, though the same melancholy overtones still define the project’s overall aesthetic. Part of the picture disc series on World Serpent, this new 7” is by far the best material I’ve heard from the project yet.

Subtle, resonant deep piano chords linger over layers of dusky textures and strange noises on “Salvation’s Corridor.” It sounds very basic and ritualistic, with even, gradual rhythms that sound like a line of heavy boots stomping at a hardwood floor keeping the pace. It’s kept dark and intentionally bleak, as if to sharply contrast the flip side to come.

Side B, “Crystal Mirrors,” opens with beautiful muted acoustic guitar harmonics which continue to loop throughout the piece. They lead into more acoustic strumming that melt into a thick tonal backdrop. But it’s the rich viola and higher pitched wind instruments, possibly synthetic, that step in to add an incredible amount of depth and emotion to the song. Quite a powerful piece.

At just over 3 minutes each both tracks end far too soon and seem to just drop off prematurely, but that’s just the limitation of a 7”. Though both songs are exclusive to this record, they are no doubt intended as a taste of what is to come on their upcoming full-length CD.

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