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clear vision
tinman   2001
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"v.3 demo"
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 29-Sep-2001
finally, a new single from dubok. even from the appearance itself it is clear that the band took a next step, taking their professionalism and sound to the next level. this disk contains four versions of “clear vision,” a new track “safe” and a remix of new mind by cancel.

as for the music style, it is increasingly hard to decide how to name it. although i could hide behind the usual definitions, their music stands out too much from most of the familiar genres where their roots lie. two new tracks are undeniably melodic electro, but electro with the soft glowing feel, with continuous flow of strings, melody, percussion and vocals. “clear vision” alternates between danceable energetic passages and pleasant, very well-placed pauses filled with strings that slowly build back up, gaining layers of edgy percussion. ian’s voice works very well with the music, blending in and enhancing it. “safe” is my current dubok’s favorite track – it starts with beautiful synthlines, emerging from small little sounds, heavy bassline enters, contrasted by steady percussion and melancholic vocals. the melody is catchy, flowing throughout the whole track; careful listener will enjoy little pauses, carefully placed throughout the track, small technoid noises filling the background. it has a right balance of dreamy softness (the first time i heard it, still without the vocals, certain parts reminded me of swayzak) and tough, aggressive edge.

unlike many bands on the scene, their sound is not easily recognizable. with a lot of electro in this genre i can place all the instruments used, and their sound soon fades, blending together with every other band out there. dubok stands aside, with their simplicity and elegance that manages to stay with you, and makes you come back and play this album again and again.

as for remixes, the most stunning interpretation was delivered by cancel on his remix of “new mind”. not that much has been retained from the original track. after a slow atmospheric beginning, the track plunges into layered chaos of intricate drum&bass, accentuated by minimal atonal string touches and gentle key progressions. this moody, emotional, elegant drum&bass would surely send any beefcake or architect fan into the state of permanent bliss. soon enough the track quickens to fast-paced fluid electro, taking you into the realm of dark, trippy trance; and finally it explodes in the barrage of coolest sounds and samples that could remind you of “kaleinoscope” by ammo.

“in your sights” mix adds a heavier, more abrasive touch to “clear vision”, at the same time making it more dancefloor-appealing. aseemblage23 converts “clear vision” to pleasant, but traditional electro track, giving it a steady dancefloor beat and an interesting dramatic touch. and finally, fleshfield’s mix plays around with many tempo switches, overall remaining in heavy, danceable, orchestrated style of latest fleshfield.

i have always said that by marketing this album to industrial crowd they might be missing out on a lot of audience that otherwise would have appreciated this disk. while remixes might be closer to the industrial genre, the original tracks possess quite a universal appeal. overall, i am sure that this single will find quite a few followers out there.

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