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buddy system
u-cover   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 29-Sep-2001
buddy system is a new artist on u-cover, one can probably describe them as an american idm, but id rather stick with comparison to artists like lusine icl or any other musicians that rely heavily on soft and melodic acoustic elements to contrast the broken idm edge.

the music is gentle, playful, melodic. but what adds a character and glow to the music are soft atonal whirrs and keys, that playfully tease the listener, slide along the track, fade away and come back. this is what i enjoy about the music the most it has a remarkable dreamy atmosphere, and a nice unrestricted feel, since percussion is seemingly random, all the little sounds and noises play around on their own, creating this wonderful sonic mosaic. those atonal acoustic elements go remarkably well with little skips and cold glitches, a reference to the inanimate, technoid nature of music. those references almost melt in soft sonic textures, contrasting them even more, and yet adding a nice edge to the music.

all in all, this is a wonderful cd that balances modern technoid edge (be it idm or glitch) with soft, flowing, delicate melodies and acoustic textures. the music can be dense and heavily layered, or it can be almost transparent, glowing with simple elegancy. i am sure that anyone that enjoys the melodic side of electronic genre, as well as more experimental sides of it should enjoy this release. of course, i have to compliment koens excellent taste and ability to pick talented musicians for his label.

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