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men with boxes
dub   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 3-Oct-2001
yet another welcome release from famous dub label. anyone of you that her nummer eins, zwei, or drei compilation, would be as excited to get their hands on this release as I was.

needless to say, it is an excellent compilation featuring names like funckarma, eog, speedy j, funkstorung, passarani, d’arcangelo, quench as well as few others.

not surprisingly, “cellular” by funckarma alone makes this compilation worth purchasing. heavy drops of percussion open this track, that slowly builds up with tiniest delicate keys. little noises are layered on top of it, and it slowly blossoms into melodic, fluid composition, filled with deep basslines, layered percussion, careful touches of key sequences. this contrast of heaviness, intricate percussion and melody, this precise balance, this flawless composition is always separated this band for me from others. phako with “bolnes 1” goes along the same lines as funckarma, deriving its appeal both from quirky melodic keys, fast-paced and heavy percussion, and deep sensual basslines.

an interesting, and definitely welcomed step on this compilation is introduction of softer, more melodic tracks. take amazingly catchy and delicate “lektrek” by eaven – playful, slightly melancholic, sparkling with pure analog-based tunes and gentle keys – it flows and enchants you almost instantly. following pss2099 (aka marco passarani) continues in the same vein (as much of the nature stuff does) with somewhat abrasive, reversed scratchy percussion contrasted by beautiful analog lines, and playful fast key sequences. it might be a little slower, and heavier than some of his stuff, and yet it matches the modd of previous tracks with its slower, melancholic, melodic feel. andre estermann takes the passarani’s sound even further, building along the same lines, introducing heavier stuttering percussion, and at the same time building stronger, warmer melody. “fragile” is amazingly catchy, even considering somewhat formulaic approach to composition. d’arcangelo delivers a surprisingly asoft and elegant track, that still has a lot of familiar sonic noodling and splintery sounds, but at the same time enveloping melody and waves of keys give it a nice analog, melancholic glow.

of course, eog and quench area few names that should not be forgotten. eog delivers pleasantly heavy track, loaded with prominent breaks, moving steady and slowly, contrasted by melodic lines – the “trademark” dub style. “returnx” by quench was a little too simple and predictable, but overall still a pleasant track. funkstörung would be another example of name-dropping with their “smorrebrod” – a delightful example of “classic” idm with soft keys and layered intricate splinters of percussion.

speedy j vs. math and boom operators open and close this album, respectively, both with high-energy mix of hip-hop and broken, bass-filled percussion and key progressions. I have to say, I was quite uncomfortable with them at first, but then, looking closer at the music behind the hip-hop tunes, I was able to actually enjoy those tracks a lot more, especially more melodic and definitely more varied and better composed “focus” by boom operators.

most likely that those that are familiar with dub releases already have this disk, others should consider getting their hands on it, before it is too late.

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