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pflichtkauf   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 21-Oct-2001
it would be helpful to read about the ideas behind this release before listening to it. as it turns out, this album on pflichtkauf is an interpretation of the childhood tale that has been haunting klangstabil for years.

the music of this release is a mesh between the mostly acoustic-sounding spacey electronica and small glitchy elements flowing at an energetic pace set by percussion drops. it is quite melancholic and almost simplistic, something that took me by surprise the first time I listened to this record.

up to this moment I still prefer to view it not as entirely klangstabil work, but something quite different, where only some of the elements remind you of klangstabil’s earlier material, while the rest is something entirely different – melancholic, quiet, expressive in its monotony, and hauntingly beautiful. I suppose this emotional side of klangstabil is something unusual and definitely welcomed by me. small keys, little fragile noises, distant strings supported by steady and strangely reluctant percussion drops.

speaking of the acoustic component of the music, it would be interesting to note how much of a distinct feel it adds to the music, and I suppose this is where experienced fans of the band will see recognizable similarities to the earlier work.

at first I was tempted to lump this release in the realm of darker idm and even suggest that it could fit the hymen roster. come to think of it, only the technical nature of the music would facilitate that, the mood and the feel of the record is a lot more organic, “human” if you will, almost ethnic.

all in all, it is a very enjoyable release that still retains experimental electronica edge of klangstabil, but has cohesiveness and emotional atmosphere that is bound to find new fans that will become enchanted by the dreamlike melancholic pace of this release.

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