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industrial requiem
dragon flight recordings   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 23-Oct-2001
if you are familiar with these post-modern noise artists, you know that they are always experimenting with much found-sound devices such as power-saws, chainsaws, ceiling fans, power-sanders, grinders, etc, etc. with obvious influences by the likes of whitehouse and lhd, these musicians keep pushing their rough and hazardous ways into the harsh power electronics scene. this performance is worth seeing live, without saying anything more.

i can say that this was a very smart decision from dfr to pick up these artists for a release on their label. it separates them so much from the rest of the label artists, giving a new surprising sound to dfr.

working with more directions of horrific sound-assaults, disturbing sound loops, and severe fragmentations of real industrial devices, the lockwelds show fifteen tracks of repulsive nature. sometimes very raw and mechanical driven loops that will drive you mad to warm and charred somewhat isolated soundscapes that could provide a strong backdrop to this season's haunted houses. the misery within each piece on this release builds up some fierce and eruptive compositions that remind me so much of their previous full-length "eutectic." all in all, lockweld keeps pushing its menacing perspectives for all of us that enjoy harsh power electronics, and i am happy to see that DFR has made this decision.

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