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tim tetlow
beauty walks a razor's edge
planet mu   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 23-Oct-2001
i have to admit i have had this release since its original release date back in late may and have listened to it so many times endlessly, enjoying vast, beautifully introspective directions this artist has taken and compiled from various DAT tapes over the years, and has put into one complete solid release. taken from several recordings done in Bermuda and London, tim tetlow shows influences from the likes of any skam artists, especially boards of canada and bola, or autechre and early aphex twin. his persistent adaptation of surrealistic and catchy melodies that are laced with unmethodical rhythms makes tetlow’s work majestic and rich to the senses.

every track has something that will shine a pathway of pleasant daydreams and wonderful insight. good examples lie within tracks such as "mind is moving", "everything is best", "polyphilo #2", "muddy road", "29/6/96", and "safety in numbers". "mind is moving" entices us with encompassing light-hearted melodics that spiral and ascend while distant pads surround and glitchy rhythms glide in their path. track three, "everything is best" works with melancholic chords that interlace and flow with warmer flute-like melodies and well paced rhythms. "polyphilo #2" pulls lush alien chord progressions that are engaged with punchy, but soft drum n' bass rhythms and synthetics.

"muddy road" takes us into an array drifting transparent strings and luminous melodies that interact with nice trip-hop like breaks and rhythms. "29/6/96" works with off-world analog chords that are playfully attacked by catchy percussives and minimal assaults. while "safety in numbers" provides a very introspective ending to this release with very seductive and ghostly string melodies that are becomes layered with cool trip-hop grooves and dynamic breaks.

a very awesome and enchanting release that anyone who appreciates the works of skam, boc, bola, or autechre should not be without. one of the very best from planet mu.

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