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bunker   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by alan on 24-Oct-2001
re-pressed from the bunker archives, this is the stellar release that defined and put musician danny blanco on the map of the dutch disco-electro-nix scene. from there, it seems that his relentlessness in producing killer disco-tech schemes has never ceased to rest. he has over a dozen releases under his belt, a few collaborated releases with artists such as orgue electronique, luke eargoggle (stilleben records), and TLR (mr. clavio), and many exclusive compilation appearances. in next several months there will be over a dozen more exclusive projects and tracks coming out as well.

on this 12" re-release (bunker 3002), packaged in a solid red card sleeve, i experienced six incredible tracks that gave new rejuvenated substance to a sound of the early eighties italo disco scene, breakdance electro, and electro-pop. legowelt's sound design takes some of very best elements of gorgio moroder, kraftwerk, and divine just to name a few, and molds a new entity that defines a fresh and concentrated power in the dutch disco-electro scene.

"sturmvogel" opens this release with flashy seductively dark arppegiated melodies, sleazy vox, and shadowy delay fx that move around energetic funkadelic rhythms. right from the start, i was captured by the incredibly addictive loops, catchy rhythms and the kool retro melodix that so brilliantly worked around the cold vocal stylings. the second track, "geneva hideout" throws down fast and mysterious disco grooves that ascend around playfully while surreal female vocal samples dominate its path. the next track, "ricky ramjet" reminds me so much moroderís awesome work on the movie "midnight express", working with very high energy looped step melodies that are accompanied by bouncy analog keys.

on the other side of this lp, "nuisance lover" , surreal sexy harmonixx break down as cold synthetic strings emerge into the composition while robotic sample fx and warm voxx take the mix to another level. "strange girl" pushes forward with hard mechanical clap rhythms and fluttering analog melodies that generate imagery of robotic lounges and off-world dance clubs. the last track, "total pussy control" ends with deep, dark, and sleazy android grooves that work around retro tribal-funk beats and creepy pimpster voxx.

this is definitely one of my favorites from this holland-based musician and one of most interesting and unique styles of music that blanco has defined on this release alone. i can see why this record on bunker records was re-pressed, it completely shows off as some of legowelt's very best dark electro disco-tech work to date and is a great starting point into this fine genre of dutch electro music.

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