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bunker   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 24-Oct-2001
this release takes off where the “pimpshifter” release ended, incorporating more unique turns in blanco's lush programming work and adding new elements such as more free-flowing string melodies, analog synth lines, and varied vocoder and sample fx. and yet another one of re-release series on bunker for 2001.

each one of the six tracks displays awesome new directions within blanco's very rich and unique sound. the opening track "visions fade" engages captivating and hypnotic harmonixx that entangle eerie glowing string melodies and rigid plastic percussion movements. again another nostalgic reminder to gorgio moroder early eighties movie soundtrack work. "the hague's disco elite" definitely one of favorites on this release, pushes warm harmonic patterns that ascend and descend with cold accenting basslines and mechanical italo disco-rhythms that will surely keep the club floors hot. while ending track, "the republic," throws down delayed funky analog synch lines, groovy bass melodies, and nicely paced heavy disco floor beats that would also build a great atmosphere for any hot, underground, and sleazy club.

this is another very quantum release to have in your electro-nix, italo disco, electro-tech collection. it shows how the artist has diversified within his wonderful style and gives perfect examples of this great dutch electro scene again. i can't wait to hear more soon!

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