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legowelt vs orgue electronique
derrick in nord korea
bunker   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by alan on 24-Oct-2001
combining two strong acts from the dutch electro-nix scene; blanco and chinetti meld to very catchy dark electro-tech styles into one stunning release. six very fun and strangely amusing dark electro disco-tech tracks that will surely make your head nod. both using very enticing arppegiated melodic styles, kool vocoder patches with haunting analog modulations and loops, and mechanical rhythms, these artists create another very juicy sound that remains very distinct and pure in the dutch electro scene.

both sides of this record contain powerful and simply fun tracks. the title composition, "derrick in nord korea," opens with contagious melodies that fiercely move around flowing straight forward rhythms, while a vocoded voice repeats the track name. tracks like "ambassador" and "sail into danger" bounce along rigid robot-beats, jabbing analog bass synth harmonies that accent with alluring precision, seductive retro melodies and freaky strings. other tracks like "pyong yang autobahn" create a strange eastern-influenced string melodies with more effected vocoder fx that work around snare-driven beats and slow thumping rhythms.

very distant, very fun at the same time, and yet very cold and robotic, be one way of describing this isolated off-world vs eastern sound that is presented. another good representation of the dutch electro-tech scene and the endless possibilities and refreshing new directions it can take.

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