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oil 10
vacuum   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 26-Oct-2001
“links” is one of the most anticipated vacuum releases for me. I have always been attracted to oil 10 – at first, not even realizing what drew me to it, what strange appeal it had. later on, as I was getting deeper into the world of idm, ambient, italian disco, techno, I was able to establish some references, only realizing how unique oil 10 really was, combining all those elements together in such an unusual, seamless way.

with this third full-length cd release (not counting the vinyl on hymen), gilles rossire perfects his musical style, achieving refinement and elegance that always have been the cornerstones of his music.

deep thoughtful waves of techno-fueled rhythmic soundscapes, never breaking or quickening their carefully calculated pace; coolest deep basslines and beautiful strings, that would bring back polished simplicity of 80s electronica, tiny shimmering keys that could remind you of glitch elements, thrown at random on top of melody. it is amazing how much those smallest details mean, how much they add to overall atmosphere of the track, in this respect it is really close to geometric perfection of glitch.

despite all this menagerie of elements the result is a perfectly structured melodic experience that is simply outstanding, I might miss slower, more abstract soundscapes with pauses and breaks of earlier oil 10 material, but I have to admit how irresistibly catchy this album is, with melodies and atmosphere that are way too addictive to stop listening to it. I am truly, completely lost trying to establish any references,

it is a spacey journey, splicing together charmingly naïve strings and keys that could remind you of Italian idm scene, providing steady flowing melodies and deep basslines, establishing trance-like state with small quirky pulses, scattered noises adding further sci-fi appeal. hydraulics, ever-present basslines, flowing analog splendor, dramatic stringts, splashes of static and occasional use of coolest processed vocals – all of it is never goofy, never pretentious, perfectly balanced mix of timeless electro that would entice any fan of electronic music. from high-energy danceable tracks, to spacey flowing atmospheric work, to almost idm-like splatter beat soundscapes, oil 10 retains his recognizable touch, his distinguished style – emotional, timeless, stylish, addictive electronica.

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