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frozen empire media   2001
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"instinct & emotion"
"instinct & emotion"
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 30-Oct-2001
this new short lhd release comes in very attractive packaging designed by ben didier organic and creepy, clean and abstract. I do like the ideology behind these release series on frozen empire media - tiny little 3" cds, extremely limited, refined.

as for the music it is the same heavily layered mass of saturated frequencies that are undeniably power electronics without the touch of death industrial that I usually like. when it becomes crunchy, it stays clean, not losing sound layers due to poor production that often plagues this genre. opening track is a little too mellow for my taste, toying with splintery, almost splintery sounds, "footsteps heard down a long hallway" is what really makes this release 13 minutes of massive, dark, bass-saturated soundscapes, crushing against listener's ears, slowly evolving, occasionally pierced by small noises, spiraling grating frequencies buried in dense vibrating electronics. this track is one of the prime examples of the genre, managing to showcase everything that power electronics stands for.

as usual, my appreciation of power electronics does not go beyond enjoyment of violent, heavily layered dense textures. if you are looking for a prime example of that, check out lhd that manages to introduce a few different elements into the mix ("disruptive influence" tracks and closing " j-p collaboration with mab-pro"), staying true to the core ideals of the genre. lhd has always been on top of his production, and this release is no exception, accompanied with excellent artwork.

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