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flesh field
belief control
inception records   2001
  see also
"viral extinction"
inception records

album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 30-Oct-2001
finally, a new full-length album is upon us, and we can get a full perspective of various directions ross and miller have threaded together with sheer dynamic precision. most of the "redemptionů"'s new exclusive tracks such as "compulsive betrayal" shine with a new ferocity in the flesh field sound. "belief control" is pushing new psychotically-charged club floor rhythms, bold orchestrated structures, seductive, yet hazardous vocal stylings, and very evasive loop harmonies, "belief control" is flesh field's most impressive work to date. militant charges and assaults are blended brilliantly, encompassing some of the best ideals of :w:, while working various energetic goa-trance loops that might remind you of such artists as dark soho or velvet acid christ.

there are so many examples of both artists experimenting with different directions, that at times it is simply hard to keep up with. I have noticed that ross's programming work has been heavily influenced by material from various great action movie composers (hans zimmer & james horner), some of the best rhythmic power electronics and trance artists, and even some trip-hop. lyrically and vocally he has stayed with much of his aggressive standards he is well-known for, but at the same time has tried many new directions of processing techniques he has never approached before (good examples lie within tracks such as "obstinance" and "conquer me").

working with some new and fresh stylings, miller steps out her mold on this album; very tempting and dominant edges add further depth and meaning that wasn't always present previously on "viral extinction." back on the "redemption" ep i had noticed that miller was taking steps forward, working with unconventional techniques that many classically-trained female vocalists would never dare tread. good examples of her vocal approach lie within "caged" and "hadean." while "damnation[version]" glimmers with her beautiful sentimental style that "my savior" is so well-known for. i personally think this dark-wave ebm ballad stands high above viral's hit "my savior" and will extremely please those that favored the latter.

opening track, "serene image" shines through with some very unconventional ebm/electro standards, blending congas, dense orchestrated driving chords, and radiant goa-trance electro elements. perhaps, wumpscut meets juno reactor? "acidic" proves it's powerful force and dancefloor energy with addictive layering of complex rhythms that perpetuate with ferocity untouched while spiraling eruptive vocals by ross ascend through this monster. miller takes it even further, while nicely orchestrated chords lead the way. "hadean" contains an absolutely addictive mix of ambivalent electro-trance melodics and rhythms precisely assimilated with seductive vocals by miller and additional chorus work by ross. tracks like "caged" almost reminisce of leftfield/toni holiday (curve) methods, blending very catchy trip-hop movements. this track is obviously radically different and displays flesh field sound i have never experienced before, at the same time enhancing and contrasting the intensity of this release.

yet another treat for the fans is a sixteen page booklet with lyrics and new photos. this album is filled with raw electronic aggression, charged with fresh dynamics that makes this release a next step of ebm/electro stylings progression. both club djs and throughtful audiophiles should hold onto this new necessity and not let this one pass by; they just might regret it later.

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