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the cessation of spoil
glass throat recordings
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glass throat recordings

album rating: 3

submitted by ben on 3-Nov-2001
Triage is a collaboration between Scott Candey (Gruntsplatter et al.) and Chet Scott (Ruhr Hunter). The two have matched up previously on a split CD, and this project seems a natural progression - a melding of their similar styles into one. The Cessation of Spoil is their full-length debut, following a compilation appearance on Live Bait in '98.

This is extremely dark music, and to anyone familiar with either of these musicians' work it should come as no surprise. Stark, shrill frequencies shine like a penlight in a dark warehouse, leading a tentative, quiet marching band of grisly textures. A repetitive, heavy thumping sound acts as the percussive life-line to many of the tracks, which sounds like the perfect accompaniment to Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart.

Triage is the disturbing, slow-paced soundtrack to a frenzied delirium, a disquieting calm adding to the eerie feel of the pitch-black ambience. Given this description, the results are surprisingly relaxing; it's easy to get lost in the music's simplicity. The complexities are subtle, and well-blended into each swell. The music is so methodical that the only real intrusions are the brief seconds of bare silence in between tracks. If ever there was a CD that would benefit from cross-fading from one track to the next, this is it.

Candey and Scott both have very similar motivations behind their musical output. They cull these sounds directly from their moods, and fuel them with inspiration from a variety of dark places. With roughly eight projects to his name one might assume that Candey was spreading himself too thin. Triage is added proof, however, that nothing could be further from the truth. This is dense dark ambience of the highest caliber.

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