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20 minutes into the future
gun music   1999
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gun music

album rating: 2

submitted by ben on 3-Nov-2001
This EP is a debut on two counts: it's the first release from Gun Music, a promising new label dedicated to releasing cutting edge electro, and it's the first release from Takshaka, a new project from the ever-prolific Jonathan Sharp. Packaged in an old-school 5.25" floppy disk, 20 Minutes Into the Future is definitely an interesting foot for Gun Music to start things off on. Though the project is credited as a duo, it's definitely an unconventional match-up: Sharp is responsible for the music and Josh Finney contributes artwork and writing. They refer to the project as "music inspired by art / art inspired by music," and the two work together to form a fully realized EP.

Takshaka is the name of a Hindu snake god that resides in dreams, so it's somewhat fitting that the music has an understated calm, laid back feel. All instrumental, aside from a collection of vocal samples (a staple in most of Sharp's music), Takshaka is forged out of an effective arrangement of electro beats, floating atmospheres and unique synth work. There is a subtle dance appeal with most of these tracks. The songs aren't too dense, and they flow together nicely, complementing one another with a healthy variety of styles.

Finney's artwork fits well with the music and it has a very digital aesthetic. His abstract Photoshop manipulations blend images of bodies with circuitry and wires, in his words portraying the "ongoing evolution of flesh and silicon." It's intriguing eye-candy, though at this point I don't think it plays an equal role next to the music. As the label progresses it will hopefully develop further with larger booklets of art and multimedia tracks included with the CD. Sharp is a master of his trade, and with Finney at his side this new project is a fresh addition to a genre that can use all the originality it can get.

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