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crackling of the anonymous
loki   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 28-Nov-2001
I have always considered inade one of my favorite dark ambient bands. it would be appropriate here to launch on the long description of the feelings that this albums evokes, but instead I will let you experience this journey yourself, for it really is a remarkable album, open to multiple interpretations, changing each time you listen to it.

a short historical excurse - rene lehmann and knut enderlein have been making music as inade since 1991. inade has always attracted me with their "true" dark ambient sound in the most "traditional" definition of the genre. I have always admired their ability to create very dense, layered sound that spans the atmospheres ranging between ancient tribal intensity and futuristic soundscapes, always staying true to inherent dark nature of their sound.

this album is no exception, and by far it seems to take everything inade has been for me even further. I truly enjoy newly acquired rhythmic nature of many tracks. rhythm not in the sense of repetitive structure, but sparse heavy drops of percussion, explosions, crackling collapsing noises. inade has always been known for its long, drawn-out compositions that fully immerse you in their atmosphere. I remember first getting into their sound a few years back, and how it bothered me initially. now I see it as a required, integral part of the band's style, creating a continuous flow of overlapping frequencies, colossal sonic structures. deep rumbling basslines, saturated, incessant waves of drony ambient seem almost overwhelming at times, especially contrasted with moments of quiet, transparent tranquility uneasy vibrating silence, distant chants, liquid noises. this contrast of profound depths and simple earthly beauty, this swelling, layered world of breathing, shifting masses is inade.

this is the music that demands appropriate sound system, and is best when it is heard live. I would definitely pick this album for being one of the best releases in the genre.

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