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xingu hill + squaremeter
this anxious space
hymen   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 4-Dec-2001
I have to say that only a year ago this collaboration would seem impossible, but at this point in time it makes perfect sense. john sellekaers and c-drik have been both moving into the realm of atmospheric clicks and cuts, toying with increasingly unstructured sonic collages. at the same time squaremeter was gaining more and more atmospheric feel, putting dark strings and rhythms to use, enriching barren sonic landscape of early days.

I can only welcome this convergence between aggressive minimalism of clicks and cuts and dark atmospheric soundscapes. on the other hand it might be the genre as a whole maturing, adding extra dimensions to the formerly purely experimental genre. now this style of music gains emotions and depth impossible before.

I do have to say I miss all other xingu hill from "maps of the impossible" to "alterity," especially considering that on most of the compositions here squaremeter's sound seems to be more predominant (of course I have no idea what sound pieces each of the three artists was responsible for). do not fear though, this is an excellent release that breaks another ground.

these three sound wizards created an album with the highest possible coolness factor. everything from the packaging to eclectic mix of high-tech samples and deep atmospheric waves only confirms that. in this respect it is close to the spirit possessed by "alterity". it not only entices your feelings, but provides the ultimate intellectual satisfaction, allowing you to assert your own refinement and intellectual superiority in front of anyone that is willing to listen.

this is definitely a listening music - one is bombarded with incessant stream of bizarre samples, producing a vast array of phantasmagoric images, set afloat by dark atmospheric sweeps, punctuated by precise clicks and bleeps. it is a cold, dark album, rarely breaking out into something rhythmic. one can spend hours listening to it, immersed in this transparent and yet incredible suggestive world.

a few tracks really stand out as my favorites dark pulsating of "dreadful menace" immediately followed by simply incredible atmosphere of "stealing the truth" filled with layers and layers of swirling frequencies, distant samples, clicks, fading noises and deep underlying atmospheric waves. finally closing "neuronaut" features simple rhythm drowned in magnificent pool of static feedback, splintery noises and atonal keys.

despite the initial minimalistic feel that a casual listener might attribute to "anxious space," it turns out to be a rich, ever-changing stream of music, that despite its volatility always retains dark otherworldly feel.

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