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self-released   2001
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"darkside 9" event report

album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 8-Dec-2001

pittsburgh's own xanopticon is ryan friedrich. I got my hands on this cd-r after his incredible live set as a part of darkside 9 event.

with upcoming releases on peace off and a few other labels that would be more familiar to noise/industrial crowd, xanopticon is definitely something not to miss. this 7-track cd-r presents the best of his style - piled up mass of terrorizing breakcore beats & bass, layered with countless percussion attacks, stuttering, twisted electronics that leaves you completely drained upon listening to this short demo. a few idm textures here and there, broken and molded into demented gabber; brutal high-bpm structured chaos.

I am glad that xanopticon never becomes goofy, not afraid to take his music seriously. I always had problems with juvenile silliness of many projects in this genre.

what I like about his material (or any other material in this genre for this matter) is the diversity, non-stop ever-changing, morphing nature of sound. xanopticon takes it even further, at times treating you to a nice dark atmospheric breakdown or distant synthline, rising through this distorted chaos. in this respect he is quite similar to latest venetian snares efforts.

yet another important factor that places xanopticon above the rest, is his production quality, usually absent from this genre. once you think about it, it is amazing how well-produced this cd-r is. everything sounds crisp and clean, all sound layers are separated and mixed perfectly.

at times I wish there was more structured feel to this chaos, but once you listen to the demo a few times, you would notice it on some of the tracks.

this is undeniably one of the most aggressive, most complex, and most polished releases I have heard lately. a perfect sound candy and the ultimate percussion heaven. you will never get tired, trying to follow it.

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