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quoit vs. su8m3rg3d
everything you do is wrong
ohm resistance   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 8-Dec-2001

i decided to mention this release before reviewing quoit's 7" on mirex. quoit is a side project of mick harris of scorn fame. su8m3rg3d (kurt gluck) is a drum&bass/jungle outfit that I previously mentioned in "low end recon" compilation review.

this duo delivers two intense tracks that fall somewhere between drum&bass and dub. deep basslines that are unmistakably mick harris, support crushing drum&bass rhythms. the basslines are a terrorizing, vibrating dark mass behind stomping drum&bass, creating a driving powerful composition. fading dark strings, little uneasy noises, strangely distant and eerie, are added to the atmosphere, bringing back familiar scorn atmopshere.

both compositions ("everything you do is wrong" and "page fault") should appeal to anyone into dark, dramatic sounds of hed nod releases, at the same time they have intensity and relatively high-bpm percussion absent from usual dub and illbient. strongly recommended.

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