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mirex   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 9-Dec-2001

quoit is a project of mick harris of scorn fame, this 7" on mirex is his latest work with other releases on quotermass (sub rosa side label) and ohm resistance.

this two-track vinyl opens with "missing" that is filled with this peculiar mix of dub and drum&bass - fast paced percussion textures contrasted by monstrous bassline and more prominent percussion drops. following "device" is a little more varied with percussion attacks and a few quieter moments when only bassline is the only force present.

the whole release has familiar dissonant touch scorn is known for, it has the flow and darkness of any other mick harris output, and yet it has a lot more energy built upon drum&bass textures. at the same time it is not really drum&bass per se - what mick harris does is taking away all the unnecessary elements except for drum and bass themselves, adding cold minimal touches, and in the end creating dark atmospheric music.

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