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ad noiseam   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 11-Dec-2001
as a listener and a fan I just want to play this cd again and again, but my duty as a reviewer calls for screaming about it on every corner. so I will pause for a moment and try to summarize my impressions.

I guess tarmvred is something I expected from converter this year. if that does not mean much, all I can say is that this is *one* cd that anyone interested in rhythm&noise simply must get.

tarmvred sets the next level for rhythmic noise in general, combining best elements from everyone in the genre and taking it further. no longer you have to make an intellectual backflip to bring the music into the context (nothing wrong with that, I still enjoy the dadaist side of the genre), with this album you just lose yourself completely, and just *listen* (if you manage to stay quiet for a long period of time, of course).

everything is here – pummeling power rhythms that can crush any dancefloor, broken saturated drum&bass percussion, massive layers of corroded noise, static, bizarre sound artifacts that can only bring back bad sector memories. wonderfully placed strings woven in and even a few female vocals pieces.

most of seven compositions are over ten minutes long, and they present a lot more than just simple straightforward tracks. you get everything from long dark ambient passages when waves of vibrating electronics splash all around, to absolutely irresistible percussion attacks saturated with barrage of power electronics, noise, broken mechanized splinters, shifting hydraulics. then a pause, moment of tranquility with ripples of drum&bass trickling in, slowly building up to devastating power rhythms that would surpass anything in the genre. all of this is perfectly arranged, perfectly produced, nicely composed and melded together.

I guess it takes someone like tarmvred to see everything that goes on in the scene, incorporate the best of it all and then, escaping all the clichés and shortcomings, rise to a new level, setting a standard for the genre.

nowadays it takes a lot more than just being purely innovative in the field of sound-making or simple shock tactics. it takes composition, production and simply talent – something that is so obvious on this cd.

needless to repeat – this is a must have.

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