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shape memory effect
force tracks   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 12-Dec-2001
at first I was quite surprised to learn that swayzak released a 12" on force tracks, but once I got to listen to just a few samples off this record, it all made sense. "shape memory effect" is a lot closer to "snowboarding in argentina" with its contagious flavor of dubby deep minimal techno. except this time it has been enhanced with essential minimum of click/glitch elements to give it a highly popular modern edge.

anyone that liked "snowboarding…" or "himawari" would be relieved to learn that wonderful deeply emotional swayzak flavor is still here – further refined, but ever-present. deep bassline and distant melancholic string of opening "slave to the hard drive" are sprinkled with small random glitches and noises contrasting steady rhythmic texture of minimal techno. "volt musik" on side b continues in the same fashion, further refining this minimal atmosphere, introducing a few short pauses in rhythmic texture populated solely by hisses and glitches. closing "form is emptiness" makes up for aggressive minimalism of previous track, rounding off with soft vocal samples and gentle waves of ambience on top of steady rhythms.

this is probably their best release since "himawari" – incredibly catchy and just plain cool.

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