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tim tetlow
cyrenic, and god created manchester
planet mu   2001
  see also
"beauty walks a razor's edge"
planet mu website

album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 12-Dec-2001
this release is a part of 7" series on planet-mu. both tracks are very different and I guess they present two sides of tim tetlow.

side a starts with "cyrenic" - beautiful simple track dominated by keyboard melodies. it is simple and charming. side b is "and god created manchester" - catchy analog melody, playful key sequences and most important, all kinds of unexpectedly crunchy and energetic percussion snapping and rattling away. those two tracks combined present the essence of tim tetlow intricate idm and always deep, always beautiful analog melodies.

altogether this is a very short, but very pleasant little release. anyone that already has his phenomenal "beauty walks a razors edge" should definitely pick this one up.

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