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yunx recordings   2001
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datathief/yunx split review

album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 14-Dec-2001

yunx has been around for a few years, releasing material on isophlux and skam as well as their own yunx recordings. this is the second release on yunx recordings, that has quite ambitious plans as the label.

this record brings together soft mellow moods, and laid back rhythms occasionally spiced with idm appeal. this is a very addictive mix of downtempo deep techno and shimmering melodies. personally, I found this record following datathief influences, but I am sure that fans of latest plaid and marumari will find plenty of similarities here as well.

my favorites are "mukka" with mysterious strings and almost dubby rhythms flowing among glimmering key sequences and small fuzzy noises. its constant uninterrupted pace brought up casino vs. japan memories for a second. yet another notable track is opening "muddy funksters" with amazing mix of funky basslines and playful sequences on top of steady danceable percussion. this track is such a delicate balance of charming playfulness and relaxed beats glued together with floating strings. "hoc" is more minimal, balancing between small bouncy beats and light fluttering keys, carefully weaving the melody.

I have to admit that this record was quite a surprise, but undeniably a pleasant one. its atmosphere would not leave anyone untouched - fragile, playful and irresistible catchy, venturing into more melodic side of idm, and at the same time brining its own unique rhythmic appeal that is undeniably yunx.

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