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suspicion breeds confidence
frozen empire media   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 16-Dec-2001
suspicion breeds confidence is a project of tobias schmitt and has existed for a few years now, with a number of releases that gathered quite a few positive responses.

"nyugodt" definitely falls into the category of "headphones music". some would probably classify it as "experimental", but come to think of it, majority of material reviewed on "seven" can be described as such.

this is one of those releases that establishes an amazing atmosphere, defying accepted standards of composition, not following any adopted styles. it is a pool of sound, where bizarre noises and abandoned samples are glued together with polyrhythmic percussion textures, at times fading into quirky ambience. there is a small melody emerging here and there among uneasy layers of crackling static, lost guitar twangs, tweaked frequencies.

one might see a few idm influences, or rather idm taken further and disassembled to become yet another compositional element in this mixture. bleeps, clicks, scratches, voice samples, atonal strings, key sequences, static hisses, cut basslines – you will notice all of those if you listen closely, but altogether they make up a solid atmosphere.

this is not a hostile ambiance, nor a particularly dark one. in this respect it is similar to "kaleinoscope" by ammo, but cleaner, simpler, less dominant. at times it is surreal, even exotic, at times dark and eerie, at times atonal and soft.

strangely enough, despite all the variety, this cd created a cohesive atmosphere, a mix of organic sounds and small key sequences that give it a charming, earthly feel contrasted by colder, broken noises among very fragile spacey percussion drops.

at first I was not sure what draws me to this album, i just enjoyed its seamless flowing atmosphere – both delicate and possessing a strong mechanized edge that at times would manifest itself with splashes of saturated percussion. I enjoyed its variety that is never overwhelming, keeping consistent atmosphere throughout the whole cd.

I would probably recommend this release to anyone that enjoys technoid side of ambience, or complexity and non-linearity of idm. I am sure that anyone that has a taste for electronic music would be able to recognize the merits of this cd.

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