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alden tyrell
phaze me
clone   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 17-Dec-2001
this 12" release contains two immensely cool, mysteriously seductive, and shadowy tracks from the future. working with a highly different direction from the "love explosion" and "krenk box" ep releases from viewlexx & clone, alden tyrell pushes new dynamics in the electro-nix standards and presents a stellar unique track that proves to be this mysteriously unknown artist's best work to date. this release works at both speeds, 45 and 33 rpm, taking upon two very unique paces, but two very sweet ways of listening bliss for the mind and body. assimilating frozen phase modulations that defrost with dark vocoder-effected voxx and sleek persistent rhythms that pace brilliantly out of depths of jukebox taken from the future. a must for any fan of solid, intelligent, electro-nix.

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