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mindwerk   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by alan on 17-Dec-2001
if you have been missing some of your older desires and tastes in old school/dark electro/ebm, this might be your prize to experience some fresh new directions into an ever dissolving genre. i have to say this release presents long-forgotten programming techniques i enjoyed so much many years ago, but have not witnessed any to take seriously in the past six years. ÷'dem provides a very seductive and catchy soundtrack for our ears that brings those ideals back, but with a new outlook and perspective on the genre. the album is utilizing a variety of alluring analog patches and pads, bio-morphic melodies, and some very enticing ebm, break rhythms and even a little drum n' bass flares.

some of the strongest representations of this sound lie within tracks 1,2,5,9,12, and 13. compositions such as "numbness in my eyelids" & "distinct darlings" gather noir melancholic chords that pace nicely within solid ebm grooves that break into slightly heavier beats and synthetic relays, reminding of some of the cool edges cycloon and early suicide commando provided within their programming. while tracks such as "generation morphine" reflect off-world tweaked modulations, distinct electro beats that are laced with dark chord progressions. "suede denim secret police theme," probably one of the most transitional and erratic pieces on this release, layers some very irresistible rhythms that progress with nice intensity while beautiful distant string harmonies and trippy synthetics ascend its path. this track is much more experimental and utilizes a powerful combination of new and old school methods.

last two tracks which are remixes of "deathrow delight" and "pe÷ple got me" are actually quite nice and much more enticing than the original mixes. track 12 & 13, "deathrow delight" & "the pe÷ple got me" remind me of some of the very seductive dark electro work of early velvet acid christ ("church of acid" years), using eerie modulated chords and thick dark chords progressions interluded by solid 4/4 rhythms with heavy breaks and delay effects.

this release may not be for all, but as a fan of a dearly missed and dying genre known as dark electro/ebm, i have to admit this one is a nice promise to keep it alive and a treat for newcomers that have never experienced this genre at all.

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