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way out west
nettwerk   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by alan on 17-Dec-2001

after seeing the directions utah saints has taken with their new release "two" on nettwerk, i have to say that some good decisions have been made from this label in the past few years. with outstanding success of delerium's remix albums, nettwerk has found some of the best universal goa-trance oriented musicians out there.

way out west is composed of one nick warren and jody wisternoff along with a few guest surprises from kirsty hawkshaw, for one. this release provides some immensely smooth, energetic, and stellar grooves for the club-floor or an intense day in front of your monitor.

the music is utilizing an array of influential elements from goa-trance rhythms to new school house-style choruses and enchanting ethereal ambient soundscapes. these musicians combine some very seductive and concentrated forms of music for us to move to on the dance floor. introductory tracks such as "the fall" pull us in swiftly with the surreal and blissful harmonies that glide along transparent goa-beats while sample vocals from coldcut's "autumn leaves" track reflects in perfect balance with the track's beautiful methods and divine programming. "activity", track two, ascends into lush quantum rhythms that engage killer skidding breaks, tranquil eastern harmonies, and a variety hyper static breaks and lost memories. a powerful track that could prove merciless for the club floor. this idealism continues it pace into track three and four working in more house elements and breaks towards track four, "hypnotise."

while track five, "sharkhunt" works in more diverse directions leaning on more electro directions with the goa-movements. using layers of hazardous breaks, complex jungle elements, and soft descending strings interludes.

track six paces down with pillowy sentimental soundscapes and guest vocalist kirsty hawkshaw that encompasses sympathetic piano melodies that dance within the various transparent jazz influenced trance rhythms and slipping breaks. while track nine, "secret" provides us with radiant ghostly atmospheres of the eastern sun that engage dark intimate modulations that build with perfect structure and timing, pulling the listener into some very hypnotic goa-trance movements and erratic tribal rhythms. these movements transform in the "intensify" tracks part 01 and 02 that work into more solid aggressive trance movements that spiral upwards various modulation shifts and skidding breaks and soft female interludes. and bedrock closes this release with a long remix version of the opening track "the fall" using a more direct slowly building electro-oriented approach this brilliant track.

in conclusion, i must say this was a very surprising release from nettwerk and provides a good universal standard of breaking some new refreshing new bounds in good trance music period.

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