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bad sector
waystix   2001
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"the harrow"
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"ampos (re-release)"
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 21-Dec-2001

this amazing recording was initially done five years ago for berlin's sonderangebot festival, then repeated in moscow this year during landschaft festival. it is half an hour of seamlessly changing dark ambient soundscapes in excellent packaging from italian massimo magrini that once again proves to be the most impressive act in the genre.

from the very beginning one is treated to familiar pulsating mass, a dense pool filled with distant strings and modulated frequencies, building upon cold hypnotic drones. its beauty is not unlike "ampos" or "dolmen factory", ranging from monumental cold soundscapes flooded with manipulated sound sources to rhythmic, almost tribal textures. this is usual diverse mix of technoid and ritualistic atmospheres build with the help of humming of radiology equipment, waves upon waves of manipulated processed samples, intercepted broadcasts. seamlessly developing half an hour of poetic atmospheres, epic landscapes drowned in polyphonic textures. lost transmissions fading into quieter transparent textures, enveloped in myriad of small bleeps and mysterious sounds.

this rich atmosphere allows you to create your own associations, your own cultural, sociological and political references. its changing moods result in a work that is incredibly visual, calling for your own interpretation each time you listen to it.

each time i listen to his albums, i realize how unique his music really is. fortunately it seems that bad sector is finally getting more and more recognition after almost 10 years of producing what should be considered 100% truly industrial music in terms of emotions and sound. i guess the public is finally catching up with his vision of music. no wonder his earlier releases are getting re-issued these days.

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