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infinite concrete ricochet
atomick industries   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 27-Dec-2001

this is another self-released side-project demo from nathan moody of railgun. when comparing bitsplitter to the "undo[ne]..." demo, this release reminds me much more of railgun's initial very energetic and erratic industrial experimental style.

it is comprised of eight experimental directions that utilize more slippery breaks, fast paced transitional rhythms, ambivalent moods, and erratic synthetic patches. this one reminds as me of the broken and very intense experimental edges presented by falling elevators, hushush, and metarc studios. there is a very nice sense is sound devices and non-linear methods used in programming much like john sellekaers and c-drik's work.

tracks such as "grindstone" work with cold phases and very fierce drill n' bass techniques. while track like "facerip" pushes an aggressive and bouncy rhythm n' noise composition that works into some synthetic breaks and crazy rhythmic assaults. others such as "smatic" & "dweller" reminds me of the "delta v" release with its dense and toxic slippery breaks & beats, radical transitions and off-world textures.

if you have been missing some of railgun's sound or like the unmethodical cool methods of john selleakers and c-drik has taken in the past years, you just might want to look into this and further upcoming releases by this side-project of nathan moody.

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