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sacred noise   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by alan on 27-Dec-2001

after I have heard magwheels on "deprogramming music" compilation from sacred noise, i am finally very pleased to get my hands on a full-length release from this dark experimental ambient musician that is presenting eleven dreamy and sentimentally dark compositions to relax and slip into. it might remind you of methods and directions ultra milkmaids, vidna obmana, and steve roach have explored years ago. magwheels uses transparent and ghostly guitar chord compositions combined with intimately dark and frozen atmospheric textures to create moods for the mind to explore.

tracks such as "everythingatonce" take you on an introspective and intimate journey with tranquil, soft, and surreal atmospheres that circulate around static phased hallways of the mind. other tracks such as "castlesludg" descend deeply into very foreboding and nightmarish soundscapes that collide with toxic pads of illusory thoughts and occult sound textures. ah cama-sotz meets ultra milkmaids, leave this one for you to interpret? while "auroraborealisbnexttoyou" drifts you away momentarily with beautifully soft introspective chords and surreal tones. this is just a small taste of what magwheels has to offer.

my only small gripe to this release would stand with some of the production aspects; sometimes I feel the textures and atmospheres could be just a little bit more polished and cleaner. i think the release would be a whole lot richer and have even more depth. other than that, i really think this is an pretty solid offering from sacred sound and a promise for the future of magwheels.

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