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ah cama-sotz
excramentos diabolicos
klanggalerie   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 28-Dec-2001
dr. blood unleashes two powerful dark ritualistic soundscapes transcending idealism within the wiccan holiday that worships the earth, known as the sabbat. in previous centuries [14th-16th] this was once believed as devil worship amongst secretive societies of sorcerers and witches.

on this 7" vinyl release from klanggalerie, we encounter two atmospheric interpretations of worship of this occult. on the first side, "sabbat (dawn-ritual)" composes dense layers of circulating air-choirs, distant ancient horns, encompassing mystical vocals that descend within an overwhelming swarm of apparition-like atmospheres. on the other, "sabbat II (invocation)" conjures dominant ritualistic rhythms that bind with rich synthetic analog patches, frozen sound textures, and a sorcerer's words.

another very nice approach on dr. blood's saga of occult compositions for us to understand and enjoy. this one is more than likely already sold out, and i am sure it is keeping its owners very content right now.

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