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frozen empire media   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by dean on 28-Dec-2001
I have to admit i was sad to hear this band no longer exists, but i have been informed that they have a new name. Hopefully they will continue to produce the same quality of music. I probably obtained one of the last of these so if you are interested in the band you should indeed hurry. The music is your basic rhythmic noise in the vein of Ant-zen. There's not a great deal new here but this little cd single is still great. Harsh rhythm n' and noise, at times it is reminiscent of Converter, although not quite as brilliant. It's a very strong release, and the music is varied and keeps the listeners interested, but doesn't really stray too much from the formula already laid down by the masters of this style. We are soon to see what the next incarnation of this band will bring.

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