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eis & licht   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by dean on 28-Dec-2001
the first track on this 10" starts out very nice, but when the vocals appear it is a rather misplaced and melodramatic rant in German, play this too loud and your neighbors may assume you're hosting a Pan-Germanic Order of some kind. The second track is much nicer, very dark with air raid sirens, troops marching and other militant sounds, would actually be a nice soundtrack for the movie Enemy at the Gates, close your eyes and you can almost imagine yourself at the frontline. Turning to side two, the next track reminds me somewhat of Der Blutharsch but the vocals are more like DIJ, i was pleasantly surprised to learn that he could sing. If you can get past the first track or at least ignore the German rant it's really a nice piece of militant Euro-centric style music. It also comes with a nice booklet of lyrics that includes the ubiquitous pictures of soldiers in WWII wandering through the remains of a city.

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