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little computer people
electro pop
psi49net   2001
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"the remixes"
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 28-Dec-2001; last updated on 11-Jan-2002 by anton
little computer people is a project of anthony rother. one can trace his influences back to john carpenter soundtracks that inspired him early on (his first release appeared in 1988). this latest offering, appropriately titled "electro pop," appears on his own PSI49NET label.

this album is an irresistible treat for anyone that can warm up to the sounds of modern italodisco, idm and old school electronica that finds its way back these days. catchy simple rhythms with old analog bubbles and wonderfully placed vocoder start with opening "eyes" and lead you through a wonderful succession of punchy electro tracks. almost every single composition is built around wonderful simple synths, dangerously catchy treated vocals with lyric content that would make a heart of any kraftwerk beat faster. "eyes" , "I am" and "electro pop music" almost reminded me of safety scissors or maybe even adult, bouncy "little computer people" brought back legowelt memories, "follow the leader" and "who do you love" are one of my favorites meshing deep strings and basslines that have as much emotional appeal as best casino vs. japan tracks with added rhythmic textures. as I am trying to put this work in context for you, I constantly remind myself that this album stands on its own, creating one of the finest atmospheres in this style of music.

this album is one of the best renderings of re-appearing electro style, once again proving the cyclic nature of music evolution. if you can let yourself be fascinated by its charming simplicity, na´ve warmth, dreamy mood and undeniable style and talent, you are in for a wonderful treat.

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