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andreas tilliander
mille plateaux   2000
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 9-Jan-2002

swedish andreas tilliander came to my attention after being featured on "clicks+cuts2" compilation. he also recorded as komp (komplott) and mokira (klanggalerie). his style is generally described as "click hop", which is yet another reincarnation of venerable clicks+cuts genre.

this is an album full of dreamy soft textures contrasted by cold minimalism, a combination usual for glitch genre. it is laid-back swaying mass of atonal melody built with gentle analog touches, swirling insect noises, crackles and skips that you could expect from this style of music. what sets it apart from synthetic sound of most artists in the genre is its dubby feel that adds an emotional touch to the music. deep bass humming might remind you of pan sonic, dub-influenced irregular percussion is enhanced by random glitches, smoothed out with melodic pulses and sometimes even a dark distant string. at times it is moody and atmospheric, teasing you with random noises and intriguing composition, at times it accelerates to the pace of dubby detroit techno, never losing its balance of synthetic precision and warm textures. I really appreciate its unpredictability as far as composition goes; it advances through countless transitions and moods, seamlessly rebuilding and morphing its sonic landscape.

this is one of those fortunate discoveries that helps me realize what I am looking for in this genre. it is refined and emotional music for those of you that are looking for more than just technical precision and innovation in electronica.

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