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abfahrt hinwil
links open, the light
expanding records   2001
  see also
"programm 2"
"links berge rechts gehen"
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 9-Jan-2002
this small 7" is a highly sought-after treat for any fan of melodic idm. it is a part of expanding records 7" series, limited to 400 hand numbered copies. for those of you that were lucky to snag previous two vinyls on toytronic, this would be a great addition to your stack of this label's material. if you were not so fortunate, or just plain slow to get those releases, do not fear, because toytronic promised to release abfahrt hinwil cd that should contain material from all three records.

vinyl starts with "links open" that has familiar soft melodies and playful rhythms dear to any fan of toytronic sound. shimmering layers of gentle electronica, swelling deep strings, erratic crunchy percussion all the elements that put abfahrt hinwil on my top list for 2001. it is not as energetic as "tech 7" or "bumperstufe 2"; a little less epic, so to speak, but still a wonderful catchy track.

side b contains "the light" deeply atmospheric track with soaring melancholic strings and traces of minimal percussion on the background, drowned in waves of deep bass. it is simple, almost minimal, presenting a nice contrast to side a.

overall this record is not as stunning as toytronic releases (probably because it only contains two relatively short tracks), and yet it is on the same level as any gimmik or abfahrt hinwil material. needless to say, it is highly recommended.

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