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quartermass   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 8-Feb-2002
quoit is a project of mick harris, best known under his scorn moniker [I have to confess that I have known him as a part of napalm death years and years ago]. although I have heard his 7" on mirex before, as well as a split with su8m3rg3d, this is the first full length release that got into my hands.

quoit could be classified as relentless, isolationist drum&bass with monstrous basslines that anyone familiar with scorn will recognize immediately. same scorn reference is valid for eerie tweaked strings, keys and noise splashes that create this strange phantasmagoric atmosphere. quoit's minimalism works best when there is a healthy dose of aggression present in his music. fortunately this is something that "properties" has in abundance take "cells", for instance it begins with a timid breakbeats, pauses for a while and then explodes with relentless stomping percussion storm, fueled by vibrating basslines. the music is always monotonous, but this is a monotony that builds up the intensity, similar to any scorn record.

if you are looking for cold, clean-cut drum&bass with steady *drive* (and this is one thing that I have always liked scorn and his side projects for a recognizable driving nature of sound), this is a release for you. it is minimal, it is dark, it is aggressive. just make sure you have a set of speakers that are able to handle all this bass.

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