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ambidextrous vs. novel 23
cross-split ep
shaped harmonics   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 8-Feb-2002
if you still have not got your hands on any ambidextrous material, this is yet another chance. this split with novel 23 (yet another russian idm project that has been featured on over a dozen of compilations in past few years) came out on russian idm label shaped harmonics a few months before full-length "errorism".

one immediately recognizes both artists for their superior sense of melody and composition. anyone that is familiar with the output of toytronic label could easily imagine the sound of this split ep. lush analog melodies, upbeat crunchy percussion, wonderfully catchy tunes make every single track an outstanding experience. in addition to new tracks presented by every musician, novel 23 remixes "sinedance" off ambidextrous full-length "errorism", in turn ambidextrous remixes "the gateway from fairy tale" by novel 23 off "melodies of childhood for advanced imagination " previously released on pitchcadet.

I have to confess that I have been listening to this release almost every day for past two weeks, and in my experience this has been the reaction of everyone else exposed to it. all in all this is a release that hits you immediately, leaving you wondering how did it happen that you have not encountered it earlier. to any fan of melodic idm this should be an etalon that other releases in the genre should be measured by.

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